Sunday, March 7, 2010

1975 - Exercise Mousetrap

January 1975 - April 1975

Deployed to Nairobi - the Mattatea Valley, 200km North of Nairobi.
Squadron Task - Build a Murrum surfaced road in the hillside.
66 Plant Squadron was attached in Support of the Squadron.
2 Troop was in Malta and Condor Troop in Arbroath.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wedding of Phil & Lynn Drake - Mid 70's
in Plymouth.

Mitstanden, Norway late 70's
F/Left - Joe Hogan F/Right - Sammy Salmon
No 126 is Phiul Jubb No 123 is Taff Stokoe
Back L to R
John Hendy, Joe Hogan, Phil Drake
Front L to R
Tony Dalton, Taff Stokoe, Dave Higgins, Taff Mansfield
Alexander Bks, Dehkelia, Cyprus. Mid 70's
Whole Sqn on exercise Lion Sun

Joe Hogan & John Hendy
2 Sect of 1 Troop.
Glenanne, S. Armagh Feb/Mar 1976

In Pictures - Joe Hogan, Dave Hogarth,
Pete Berladyn, Dave Diggins.
Glenanne, S. Armagh Feb/Mar 1976
Elevated Sangar - SF base/RUC

Forkhill, S. Armagh 1976.
2 Sect - 1 Trp + elements of Support Trp.
Building a dust proof Helipad.

Late 70's - Mitstanden, Norway.
Exercise Black Bear/Northern Wedding

From front of rope to rear
Roger Hugh, Phil Drake, Young Robbo, Cliff Allen,
Joe Hogan, Dave Hogarth, Tommy Keyes, Skip Jones,
Tony Swierzy.
Castle Dillon, Armagh. 1986 Sqn deployed.

Sgt Gavin Eyre
L to Right
Peter Neary, Dick Barton, Gerry Marsden, Scouse Hughes,
Ant (Hank) Graham, Paddy ??, Joe Hogan, Gavin Eyre,
Martin ???, plus 1 or 2.
Charity Run from Iserlohn to Weymouth - Mid 80's
(Zeebruge Ferry Disaster)

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